Associated Charities that we support

As a non-profit organisation, dedicated to providing companionship and relief both to members and the general community who may be in need, we support a number of Charities.

The object of Freemasonry in North Carolina is the provision of community service, which in practice translates to a number of charitable works. These range from supporting the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford to assisted elder-care at Whitestone as well as post-secondary education scholarships.

The Masonic Home for Children

For over 100 years the MHCO has helped thousands of children who need a stable, caring, and loving home. Our state licensed and nationally accredited home uses a family-living model that provides our children with individual living spaces, essentials needed for daily living, support if they have special needs, and a promise for full development and learning, from infant to young adulthood.


WhiteStone is a residential care and independent living facility. Since 1912, WhiteStone has provided North Carolina Master Masons, their wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and widows, and to members of the Order of the Eastern Star, safe, comfortable home and medical care.

NC Masonic Foundation

The North Carolina Masonic Foundation financially supports and ensures the vitality of the MHCO, WhiteStone, the Charles Edward Cathey Scholarship Fund, the Masonic Historic Preservation Fund, as well as the greater mission of the fraternity across NC.

The Grand Lodge Scholarship

There is no greater calling than to aid those who are in search of knowledge. The Charles Edward Cathey Grand Lodge Scholarship awards deserving NC students pursuing post-secondary education.